No More Bottled Water

No Bottles

The Problems with Bottled Water.

With our aging water infrastructure and increased pressure on our natural resources, healthy drinking water is getting harder to come by. As a result, more and more people have turned to bottled water. Bottled water companies now consume millions of barrels of oil to manufacture plastic bottles while emitting millions of tons of carbon emissions transporting them. To make matters worse, up to 30% of bottled water is simply plain tap water, and there are growing concerns about the toxic byproducts ingested by consumers of bottled water. Most of these non-biodegradable water bottles end up in our landfills – an estimated 38 billion annually!

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The Linis™ SolutionAt Linis™ our Pure Water Systems are designed to provide clean, healthy, delicious drinking water while minimizing the impact on our planet. We utilize highly effective, efficient and proven micro filtration and reverse osmosis processes without adding a bunch of unproven gimmicks, lights, bells and whistles that only serve to increase costs and confuse consumers.

Other companies, like those that only offer filtration coolers for example, use a one-size fits all approach. As a wholly owned division of the sixty-year-old Chester Paul Company, Linis™ offers a wide range of water purification products that can be configured to meet your specific needs.